Tiny Weddings

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Tiny Weddings

Avoid money down the drain

Weddings can often seem overwhelming - loads of planning, sleepless nights, lots of decisions to make, a rapid exit of money from your bank account, and relationships with friends, family and whanau put under pressure.

If you’re keen to do something a little simpler, why not consider eloping or a tiny wedding? Traditionally, eloping was running off into the sunset with your beloved, leaving behind a wicked step-mother or jilted lover. Today though, it’s more a choice for brides or grooms who are wanting to leave a small eco-footprint, or for those who don’t want a lot of fuss.

You still need to meet the legal requirements - applying for a marriage licence and having a ceremony with an independent celebrant like me - but apart from a couple of witnesses, it’ll be just you (and maybe your children or grandchildren).

A tiny wedding is great for those of you who are marrying for a second (or third!) time, or those who want a private ceremony without all the razzmatazz. Choose a location that works for you both (you’ll still need permission if this is a public place), and make it your day, your way.

Tiny weddings. Perfect.